"It costs you nothing to dream and everything not to."

 You know, I know what it’s like to have financial struggles.. 
I came from a family with a ton of kids (6 siblings) with a father who was often unemployed and a mother who worked full time making barely more than minimum wage. 

 I learned the value of hard work at an early age, but hard work didn't translate into accumulating vast amounts of wealth.  
My husband and I would have little spurts of success. 

 We contributed to our 401K, we contributed to stock programs here and there--we tried to keep down our credit card bills.

  But ultimately, I wanted to be a stay at home mom and with only one paycheck, saving anything extra seemed like more of a luxury than a possibility.  

 As my husband reached seniority in his company, we finally started feeling like we had a grip on things and started accumulating a little bit of money until boom!

  The real estate market took a nose dive and there we were sitting on a whole lot of nothing!  

Does any of that resonate with you? Life happens right?  

The ideal plan doesn't always work itself into reality.  It was at that point that I went back to work. I went into real estate and started turning things around for us.  My extra income was making a huge difference!

 But we were still digging ourselves out of debt! 
 By this time, I was a mother of four small children and frankly, I was exhausted.

 I also realized I was working my butt off and giving up the very thing I wanted - motherhood! 

 I wanted to be there for my children.  And you know what?  I was failing! 
 I remember one day my daughter asked me to show up for her in a specific way and guess what! I dropped the ball--again!  

 My pathetic apology was worsened by her response, “It’s ok, mom, I get it.”  Like she was used to being disappointed. It was at that moment I realized something had to change!  

 I needed a solution and I needed it fast!  I couldn't just quit--we needed the money and I was still decades 
away from saving enough for retirement.

  That was another burden I was secretly carrying--you know--funny thing about time-- It doesn't ever seem to stop and let you catch up, I knew I wasn't getting any younger.  

 It was about this time that my dear friend approached me about building a business with doTERRA. I had actually turned her down before--but now, after seeing her monumental success and also seeing how much more time freedom she had, I went all in!

 I haven't looked back! At last, I get what all the self-help gurus are saying I truly cracked the code to financial
prosperity by finding a business that I love that works for me! 

 It helps me leverage not only my strengths, but the strengths of others, and it has allowed me to build a huge client base that pays me a hundred times over for my efforts! It’s made all the difference in my life!  

Not only do I have more time to spend with my family, but I actually have engaged my kids in helping me with the business --AND my oldest daughter is now working to build a business of her own on my team! 

 What a dream come true!

  I was able to get what I wanted!

  I got to have a business that works and have the time
 I want to spend with my family! 

 And now approaching retirement is not that scary ominous monster that it used to be.  

 And my goals are expanding from here! 

 I want to help other people have the same freedom I enjoy and live the life that we are all meant to live. 

  We all have a purpose and something in us that we can give! I have finally found it in me!  

And I’m so happy to help you find that within you!  There’s never been a better time to get your life back!  

 Listen on and ask your heart if this is something that will bring you to that place you want to be in your life!  And may you ever feel Empowered to Thrive.