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How many times do we regret we didn't take a chance in the past?  I'm passionate about helping others navigate their path!

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Learning how to use essential oils to help gain and maintain emotional stability was revitalizing.  I can manage my feelings better than I have in years, which impacts my entire family. My children use the oils as well and we have seen marked improvement in anger management  and concentration. We use them for staying healthy, in cooking, and cleaning as well. I feel better about having  more natural products in my home. I am still amazed at how diffusing a simple citrus oil can change my whole family's attitude, but it does and I love it!

Susan Krogh

These oils have made me feel more grounded. This is something that only came to my attention when I realized that I subconsciously made decisions to use and protect them.  Ex. Within a couple of days, my routine to use Calm, Past Tense, Aromatherapy and Balance became second nature.  Ex. When I was next door to The Container Store, I chose to go into the store to find a plastic tray to catch any fallen oil so as not a drop would be wasted. I am doing research to see how my digestive system can benefit from doTERRA products. Looking forward to seeing what could be for additional mental fortitude and physical endurance.

Shobha George

Lisa is a phenomenal doTERRA leader.  Her coaching has helped me grow to the rank of Gold.  Because of Lisa, I am knowledgeable in the skills to help individuals transform their lives with essential oils, whether building a family wellness protocol or establishing themselves as a wellness advocate and creating a satisfying business with a path to true financial freedom.  Lisa is caring, passionate, knowledgeable, well connected, committed and altogether wonderful.  I seriously would not be where I am without her!

Stephanie Greene

Working With Me

How many times do we regret we didn't take a chance in the past?  I'm passionate about helping others navigate their path to financial success.  For some it's a side hustle, and for others it's a total replacement of their day to day job.  Love what you do for a living is step 1.  Use the form to allow me to help you with that journey!

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