The Door to the Good Life

Imagine a door that leads you to everything you've ever dreamed of.. beautiful bright sunshine, puffy white clouds in an otherwise clear blue sky. Gardens of every variety, water fountains, walking trails, delectable food and exquisite dining. All the opportunities you have ever wanted are there too: People you want to meet, sites you want to see....all on the other side of the door. In your excitement you stretch out your hand to open the door, but find that it is locked. You start to walk away in frustration, but hear a faint voice bidding you to stay for a while. It's a soothing voice that comforts you in the deepest way. You somehow feel you can trust this voice and you find yourself asking, actually begging for the answer that will unlock the door. The voice smiles in quiet repose and finally, as if in a whisper, you hear that to unlock this door, you need only to use the key . This is no ordinary key and it is a key that must be of your own making. It is the key of CHOICE. You must first decide you want to open the door . That one decision will unlock the door, but that is only your first choice. Before you can pass through the giant archway, you must choose to LET GO of a few of the things that are holding you back. You may not straddle your way through. If there is any reason you give for staying on this side, you will remain where you are. All your EXCUSES must stay on this side of the door. "Ah, that's easy enough." You think. "What could possibly get in the way of me wanting to be in a place where everything is easier?" Almost instantly you feel in your heart that beyond excuses, the voice is also asking you to leave behind your story: All the events and patterns of thinking that have led you to believe that you somehow aren't good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough , are lacking in any way, or don't deserve to pass through the door. That's not easy to do, you say to yourself. How am I expected to change my personality? But the voice calmly assures you that your story is not who you are. You story is merely a mask that covers up the real you. Those who walk to the other side, must be willing to uncover the mask. This may cause you to feel a little VULNERABLE at first, but you will find that this is a temporary feeling that comes with change and will fade in time. You may also experience a shift in your relationships as you uncover your mask. Some of the people you know will not want to accompany you through the door. They may even try to get you to stay behind with them. To pass through the door, you may need to let go of some relationships and even though this may be difficult, you will be able to forge new ones. Alas, not everything will be about letting go. You get to choose to bring your GRATITUDE with you along with all the GIFTS, TALENTS, and SKILLS you already have. You may bring your LIFE'S PURPOSE along with your DETERMINATION and ENTHUSIASM! You can even keep your shortcomings as you will NOT BE REQUIRED TO BE PERFECT. But bring your child-like CURIOSITY and CREATIVITY and be PATIENT with yourself as you seek to acquire new skills, new talents, new relationships and new adventures. As you listen to the voice, you notice a burden is lifted from your shoulders and a sense of peace and calm settle in your heart. For the first time ever, you feel bright and strong and ready. You're not even sure what changed except for an INNER KNOWING that tells you everything is just as it should be. You turn the door and begin to pass through, but before you do, you have one final question: Will the voice accompany you to the other side? A feeling comes over you that fills you to the brim with joy, a sudden understanding enlightens you as you realize the voice has been with you all along and will be with you wherever you go. Everything you need will be given to you at the right time and place. What you are seeking seeks you. As you listen to this voice, you turn up the flow of all good: Your wants, your needs are always abundantly supplied. You feel a deep love and compassion for yourself and for all those you meet as you realize you've had this within you all along--and so does everyone around you. Suddenly, where you go, what you do, how your world looks with your eyes, pales in comparison to your feeling of gratitude that comes from this inner knowing. You turn your eyes up to the sky in humility for the marvelous gift of life...and then, you look around and see, you passed through the door. You have entered THE GOOD LIFE.

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